Allocation of Academic Spaces

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Policy Code: 
Approval Authority: 
Vice Chancellor
Policy Type: 
Divisional Policy
Policy Owner: 
Academic Affairs
Responsible Office: 
Academic Affairs - 828.251.6470

I. Purpose

The purpose of the policy is to clarify the process by which academic spaces are assigned to academic departments, programs, and other units in Academic Affairs and to specify the process for requesting changes in space allocations.

II. Scope

The policy impacts all academic units reporting to the Office of the Provost either directly or indirectly through a Dean.

III. Policy

Academic spaces are assigned by the Provost or his/her designee after evaluation of the needs of academic departments, programs, and units. On occasion, space may be reallocated to meet changing needs of Academic Affairs. In this context, allocation of academic spaces cannot be viewed as permanent. Changes may be initiated by the Provost/designee or by a department chair/program director. In the latter case, changes must be approved by the Provost. All changes in allocations will be communicated in writing to the chair/director of the affected academic units.

Every effort will be made to provide offices for all faculty members and department/program support staff. However, when offices are in short supply, assignments will be made in the following order of priority: full time tenure track faculty, other full time faculty, full time department/program support staff, part time faculty, part time department/program support staff.

IV. Definitions

  1. Academic spaces include offices, classrooms, laboratories, workrooms, and storage rooms used by faculty members, administrative assistants, office support staff, and academic departments, programs, and units.
  2. Department/program support staff includes office assistants, administrative assistants, lab managers, etc.

V. Procedure

1. Changes initiated by department chairs/program directors

Department chairs/program directors interested in initiating a reallocation of academic space should file a written request with their supervising Dean. Requests should provide a rationale for the space requested and make clear why reallocation of their existing spaces cannot address the need. The request will be evaluated and a decision communicated in writing.

2. Changes initiated by the Provost or his/her designee

When the Provost or designee has reason to believe that a reallocation of space is necessary, he/she will communicate this information in writing to the parties involved. A department/program notified about the potential loss of space may submit a written statement to the Provost/designee that details the potential adverse impact of the reallocation and if possible, presents an alternate plan for addressing the space need. Although alternate plans will be considered, the decision of the Provost is final.