Emergency Response

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Policy Type: 
University Policy
Policy Owner: 
Student Affairs
Responsible Office: 
Public Safety - 828.251.6710

It is the purpose of this policy to establish a consistent procedure for all employees and students to follow in the event of any emergency, especially medical and fire responses, at UNCA. This policy will detail what pertinent departments must be notified and their responsibilities as they pertain to the specific emergency situation.

The City of Asheville and Buncombe County have installed a city and county wide "911" emergency telephone number to request any emergency service.

If an emergency should arise on campus:

    1. dial "9-911" to report the situation; and
    2. contact Public Safety Department at extension 6710.

If for any reason the person reporting the incident cannot contact the Public Safety Department, he/she is responsible to (1) meet responding agency at the main campus entrance at University Heights and Edgewood Road, and (2) contact Safety Office.

Public Safety Department-Extension: 6710

Public Safety should be contacted in all emergency situations. This is the only department at UNCA which operates twenty-four hours a day. Public Safety will coordinate directions and be responsible for the following information:

    1. Meet emergency personnel at the main campus entrance, University Heights and Edgewood Road, and direct them to the scene;
    2. Provide crowd control should the situation warrant it;
    3. Contact the Safety Office;
    4. Contact Health Services (for life-threatening medical emergencies only); and
    5. Contact the campus receptionist in Phillips Hall.

Safety Office-Extension: 6710

The Safety Office must be contacted for any emergency situation. This position can assist and coordinate activities between all pertinent departments on campus, in addition to outside agencies. Because of certain legal and regulatory responsibilities this position is responsible because emergency situations invariably result in certain notifications and forms that must be completed and submitted to the appropriate agencies. Clean up activities must be scheduled in some cases. In all situations, an investigation must be performed to determine the cause and recommend corrective actions to be taken to eliminate the reoccurrence of a similar emergency. It is also the Safety Office's responsibility to document statements provided by witnesses and work with the Western Carolina Attorney General's office in the event of a liability suit.

Health Services-Extension: 6520

Health Services is the closest medical help available for people on the campus of UNCA. The primary goal of the health center is to provide medical attention to students, however, the competent medical staff can provide critical medical attention to victims within minutes of a life-threatening emergency. It is important that medical attention be provided promptly and by qualified professionals. For nonlife-threatening situations, refer to UNC Asheville Policy 3260.

Campus Information-Extension: 6600

A genuine concern for campus activities in addition to human curiosity can lead many people to ask "What is happening?" or "Why is this fire truck on campus?" However, many times these questions may be answered by people who are not informed or by those who are only speculating. In any emergency situation it is important that concerned employees be given the correct information. In many ways, the campus receptionist is the heart of this information. This position can also act as a back up in coordinating activities with outside agencies should the Public Safety Department need additional assistance.

Press Releases:

In the event local news media reporters should arrive on the campus of UNCA seeking information concerning emergency situations - direct all inquiries to the Chancellor or designated representative in the Chancellor's absence.