Central Shipping and Receiving

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Policy Code: 
Approval Authority: 
Vice Chancellor
Policy Type: 
Divisional Policy
Policy Owner: 
Administration and Finance
Responsible Office: 
Administration and Finance - 828.251.6742


UNCA's Central Shipping/Receiving department is located at 1414 Riverside Drive and is staffed throughout each work day from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Staff may pick up their incoming freight orders here during operating hours or wait for Receiving personnel to deliver them. Staff may bring materials to the Central Stores window in the Physical Plant Building for shipping during operating hours, or you may call Central Receiving at ext. 6564 for pickup.

Central Receiving

Central Receiving is responsible for the receipt and distribution of all incoming shipments to the appropriate campus departments. Central Receiving also accepts delivery of materials for the North Carolina Arboretum. Central Receiving does not receive materials for the Bookstore or for Food Services, both of which receive their own materials at the Highsmith dock. Central Receiving does not receive materials for any contractor working on the UNCA campus.


Central Receiving will receive all incoming packages and motor freight marked for Central Receiving/UNCA. Incoming packages should be marked with an individual or department name, and/or a purchase order number; without this information, the intended consignee of an item cannot be tracked, and delivery cannot be made. Central Receiving will count the specified number of packages on the freight bill and verify that all have been delivered. The Receiving Clerk will note on the freight bill if a quick survey of the package(s) indicates the possibility of concealed damage. Severely damaged cartons will be opened in the receiving area before the freight driver leaves, and a  determination made to accept or refuse the shipment.

Concealed damage

If a package received and signed for by Central Receiving is found to have hidden damage by the addressee or department representative after delivery, it is the ordering department's responsibility to arrange for the pickup and reshipment of the damaged material. The Warehouse Manager (ext. 6564) should be contacted within three (3) working days of receipt of damaged material, in order to assist the department in paperwork necessary for this transaction. Note that Accounts Payable should also be notified, to ensure that payment not be made before completion of order.


Central Receiving will deliver to the ordering department all goods that do not require special handling and/or installation by the vendor. Shipments will be delivered to the designated receiving area for the department indicated on the package or purchase order, unless other delivery instructions are received prior to the receipt of the material. Ordering department personnel are responsible for notifying the Central Receiving Supervisor of any shipments that require special handling or attention, before expected receipt of material. Central Receiving's responsibility for the delivery is complete upon obtaining a signature for the material from the department. Subsequent relocations of the material are the responsibility of the ordering department. (Assistance with such moves or with setups and installations can be arranged by sending a Request for Service form to Facilities Management, CPO#1100.) All next day, second day, or other expedited packages will be delivered to the departments on the same day they are received at Central Receiving, if receipt at Central Receiving is by 1:00 P.M. Anyone anxiously awaiting a package should notify the Receiving Clerk (ext. 6564), and telephone notification will be made when the package reaches Central Receiving. All packages received by Central Receiving that do not carry any sort of expedite indication will be delivered within a maximum of three working days.

Acceptance of Delivery

It is the responsibility of the individual departments to certify receipt and completeness of delivery to the Accounts Payable department. Each delivery from Central Receiving will arrive at the department with an attached Receiving Report on which the Receiving Clerk will have filled out the Firm from whom the package was shipped, the UNCA purchase order number (if known), and the date the package was received by Central Receiving. The person for whom the purchase order was marked (or his or her designee) is responsible for opening any packages received in a timely manner, completing the Receiving Report with indication of payment instructions, and returning the pink copy to Accounts Payable.


Central Receiving has no area designated for storage of received materials; therefore, if large or bulky items are received before the department needs them, it will be the department's responsibility to provide storage for such items.

NOTE: Central Receiving is not responsible for the receipt and delivery of personal shipments to University personnel. Should a shipment be determined to be personal property instead of University property, the owner of the shipment will be contacted to pick up the shipment as soon as possible. The University does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal shipments.


Central Stores is responsible for the shipment of all outgoing campus packages other than those sent through the U.S. Mail. Shipments up to and including 75 lb. will be made via United Parcel Service (UPS); packages over this weight will be shipped via motor freight lines. Maximum size for UPS packages is 130 inches in length and girth combined, with a maximum length of 108 inches per package. To ship material via UPS, first obtain a Shipping Form from Central Stores or the Shipping Department (ext. 6703). After filling out the Shipping Form, the department may contact the Shipping department for pickup and shipment of the material. In order to insure same-day shipment of a package, a call for pickup must be received before 11:30 A.M. Items for shipping may also be dropped off at the Central Stores window in the Physical Plant Building. UPS pickup of outgoing packages is at or about 3:00 P.M. each day from the Riverside Warehouse. Forinternational UPS shipments or if material is to be shipped via truck lines, thedepartment must first contact the Riverside Warehouse Shipping Department (ext. 6564) to make arrangements for shipment. Note that with international shipping, thepackage should not be sealed; the contents must be verified by the Shipping Department for customs declaration purposes.

Packaging of outgoing material is the responsibility of the department sending the package. UPS standards include the requirement that the item shipped should not be within an inch of touching the inside of the shipping container in any direction.

Tape for securing the shipping container may be purchased from Central Stores (item # 5.01), as may diskette mailers, jiffy bags, etc. If you have questions regarding acceptable packaging, please call Shipping at ext. 5044.

Outgoing UPS or freight items should not be sent to the Shipping Department via Mail Services. Instead, call Shipping (ext. 6564) for pickup. Before calling for pickup, please be sure the material is packaged and secured correctly and that there is an address label on the shipping container, and a completed Shipping Form attached. (NOTE: Do not attempt to ship to a P.O. Box; a street address is required.)

Following is the information which must appear on the Shipping Form in order for the Shipping Department to ship material:

  • Shipping must have a valid UNCA account number (# - ##### - 3210). This information will be used to bill charges, which will be reported on the FRS account report.
  • The Shipping Form must include an authorizing signature from departmental personnel.
  • The department must specify what type of shipment is needed, such as Ground, Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, Special Handling, etc.
  • Insurance valuation should be specified. For each package with a declared value over $100, there will be an additional charge of 35 cents per $100.00 or fraction thereof. For pricing on special services, contact Shipping (ext. 6564).

Note that if a package is to be insured for over $1000.00 via UPS, this material must be hand-delivered to UPS by Shipping personnel. Advance notice must be given by the departments for this service.