Employee Account Policy

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Policy Code: 
Approval Authority: 
Vice Chancellor
Policy Type: 
Divisional Policy
Policy Owner: 
Administration and Finance
Responsible Office: 
Administration and Finance - 828.251.6742

I. Purpose

To establish guidelines for current or former university employees disposition of delinquent accounts.

II. Covered Persons

This policy applies to employee accounts established with UNC Asheville.

III. Definitions and Policy

A. Employee Account

An employee account is established by the Bursar’s office if an employee receives a parking citation or library fine at the University. This account is used to record employee charges and payments. Each employee is responsible for the timely and proper settlement of their account. UNC Asheville upholds Federal and state laws and regulations with respect to amounts owed to the university.

IV. Enforcement and Collection Procedures

A. State Employee Debt Collection Act (SEDCA)

In 1989 the General Assembly passed the State Employee Debt Collection Act (SEDCA).  This act promotes payment of a debt owed the State by an employee, through the threat of sanctions if the debt is not paid. The (SEDCA) requires that employees make full restitution of the amount owed to the state as a condition of employment or service.

The University submits the SEDCA report with all past due accounts to the Office of State Budget and Management semi-annually. The Office of State Budget and Management will notify the University which debtors are employed by the state and the state agency by which they are employed. The University sends a SEDCA letter to the debtor notifying them of their debt and SEDCA legislation. The debtor will have thirty days to respond to the SEDCA letter. If no response is received then the University will send the currently employing state agency a letter notifying them that the employee owes a debt to the University and requesting the state agency to garnish the wages of the employee.