Internal Building and External Structural Modifications

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Policy Code: 
Approval Authority: 
Vice Chancellor
Policy Type: 
Divisional Policy
Policy Owner: 
Administration and Finance
Responsible Office: 
Administration and Finance - 828.251.6742

I. Policy Statement

Consistent with goals and objectives established by the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor, and in order to insure compliance with the University Master Plan, all planning, design, construction and other developments (both interior and exterior) affecting the appearance of the campus shall be under the purview of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance and his/her staff. Specifically, all facilities development plans must be submitted to Campus Operations.

Each request must be made on an Alteration/Remodel/Renovation (ARR) request form. The form must be completed in its entirety with as much information about the project as possible. The form must be signed by the respective dean or vice chancellor. The ARR form should then be sent to the Director of Campus Operations.

Although implementation of these procedures is the primary responsibility of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, appropriate consultation with, and recommendations from, the members of Senior Staff will be sought for all major activities affecting overall campus appearance. As required, constituency groups composed of faculty, students, and administrators may be established to respond to issues of special interest. Only plans reviewed and approved through this process will be considered as having official authorization for implementation by The University of North Carolina at Asheville.