Career Banding Appeal Procedures

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University Policy
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Chancellor's Office
Responsible Office: 
Human Resources - 828.251.6605

I. Purpose

The Career Banding Appeals Procedure allows employees with career status to have salary decisions reconsidered by a source beyond the initial decision-maker or evaluator.

II. Scope

This policy applies to employees subject to the State Human Resources Act (SHRA).

III. Policy

A. Appealable Actions

Salary decisions which are eligible for consideration in the appeal process must be based on one of the following in conjunction with a specific action such as promotion, reassignment, demotion or Career Progression Adjustment as defined in the Office of State Personnel Salary Administration Policy:

1. Amount of salary adjustment* is less than appropriate amount as determined through pay factors.

2. No salary adjustment* has been granted when applicable pay factors would support an adjustment.

3. Employee competencies have been inappropriately evaluated.

*Note: Career banding salary adjustment decisions that are restricted because of limited funding are eligible for appeal consideration only if the University salary plan is not followed.

B. Appeal Timeline

An employee may file an appeal by documenting the basis for the appeal on the Career Banding Appeal Form. This form must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources within 30 calendar days of notification of a career banding salary action. Resolution should be completed within 60 calendar days after documentation is submitted. Appeals will be screened by the Director of Employee Relations to determine eligibility as provided below.

Note: The decision reached through the career banding appeal procedure is final and cannot be appealed beyond the University, with the exception of violations of North Carolina GS 126-36.

C. Role of Human Resources

The Human Resources Department oversees the career banding program, ensuring that effective communication, training, evaluation, accountability, and equal opportunity are strong components. Human Resources staff facilitate the Career Banding Appeal Process by:

1. reviewing the appeal document for completeness and ensuring the issue meets the guidelines for appeal,

2. providing information on career banding and advising on best practices, and

3. offering suggestions for professional development programs to develop additional competencies that may be needed.

The Director of Employee Relations will provide guidance to the Vice Chancellors during the appeal process, managing the timeline and coordinating communications with the employee.

D. Role of Vice Chancellors

The Vice Chancellors are responsible for ensuring employees in career banded positions receive fair and equitable treatment for career opportunities and compensation. Upon receipt of an appeal, the Vice Chancellor will:

1. review the appeal,

2. investigate the factors involved in the appeal, and

3. guided by the Career Banding Plan and the University’s Compensation Philosophy, make a decision on the appropriate action, if any.

IV. Procedures

A. The employee completes and submits the “Career Banding Appeal Form” to the Office of Human Resources within 30 calendar days of notification of a career banding salary action.

B. The Director of Employee Relations will screen the appeal and, as needed, may consult with a Human Resources representative concerning career banding processes.

C. The Director of Employee Relations forwards the appeal to the Vice Chancellor (or the Vice Chancellor’s designee) of the division in which the employee works. If the Vice Chancellor is out of the office for an extended period of time, he/she may designate another member of management within the division to fulfill the Vice Chancellor role in the appeal process. The designee cannot be the direct supervisor of the employee.

D. The Vice Chancellor (or designee) will make a decision on the appropriate action, if any, and notify Human Resources.

E. In consultation with the Director of Employee Relations, the Vice Chancellor will communicate the decision in writing to the employee within 60 days of receipt of the Career Banding Appeal Form from Human Resources.

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