EHRA Non-Faculty Performance Evaluation Program

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University Policy
Policy Owner: 
Chancellor's Office
Responsible Office: 
Human Resources - 828.251.6605


The EHRA Non-Faculty Performance Evaluation Program helps to identify the major responsibilities of a position in alignment with the University’s strategic plan, measures effectiveness in attaining goals and objectives, and promotes career growth and development.


This policy applies to EHRA (exempt from the State Human Resources Act) non-faculty employees.


It is the policy of UNC Asheville to provide performance feedback to all EHRA non-faculty employees on a regular basis. Although assessment of an employee’s performance is an ongoing process, overall performance will be evaluated by the direct supervisor at least once each year. Significant job change will necessitate a review of the current performance evaluation document.

Supervisors will establish specific goals and objectives at the beginning of the evaluation period and share them with the employee. These goals and objectives should take into consideration organizational, divisional, and departmental target outcomes, the employee’s job description, and link directly to the University’s strategic plan. Employees will be evaluated against these established goals and objectives at the end of the evaluation period. The evaluation should also clarify professional development goals, note progress toward achieving these goals, and identify areas for improvement.


The annual performance evaluation will cover the period from July 1 to June 30. The EHRA Non-Faculty Performance Evaluation Plan form is available on the Human Resources website. As part of the process, the employee’s job description should be reviewed annually and updated as needed. In general, EHRA non-faculty performance evaluations should be completed and delivered to Human Resources by the first week of August each year. Employees under contract will be evaluated annually on a schedule that coincides with their contract renewals. Training opportunities on the performance evaluation process will be provided annually.

For new employees, the evaluation should reflect the time period from the beginning of his/her appointment to the end of the evaluation period. Employees in their present position less than three months as of the end of the annual evaluation period should at a minimum be provided a document which outlines the position’s duties and performance expectations and any initial observations on performance the supervisor believes would be relevant to assist the employee in understanding job performance expectations.

When an employee has a supervisory change in their present position during the evaluation year, the current supervisor is responsible for assuring completion and submission of the annual performance evaluation. The current supervisor should consult with the previous supervisor or, if this is not possible, the next-level supervisor within the work unit who was in a position to assess or comment on the performance of the employee.


After reviewing the final performance evaluation with the employee, a copy of the document must be provided to the employee. The employee should be provided an opportunity to comment on the annual evaluation in writing and any such comments should be attached to the original copy of the evaluation form.

The original documents will be submitted to the Vice Chancellor for review then forwarded to Human Resources to be filed in the employee’s personnel file.