Campus Electronic Resources Disaster Recovery

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Policy Code: 
Approval Authority: 
Policy Type: 
University Policy
Policy Owner: 
Academic Affairs
Responsible Office: 
Information Technology Services - 828.251.6404

I. Purpose

This document explains university policy concerning the responsible management of the Information Technology Services (ITS) Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). The primary purpose of the DRP is to help ensure the continued operation of the university by providing the ability to successfully recover computer services in the event of a disaster.

II. Scope

Applies to all UNC Asheville departments and centers.

III. Policy

A DRP is mandated by law and periodically reviewed in Electronic Data Processing audits conducted by the North Carolina Office of the State Auditor in order to help ensure that the resources and assets of the State are handled in a responsible manner. An effective DRP fulfills some of the greatest responsibilities of the university in helping to ensure the safety of our employees and students, protection of state resources and assets, and preservation of the security and integrity of our vital functions and data. The procedures outlined in the ITS DRP help ensure the continuation of essential functions and the ability to return to a fully operational state following a disaster. Other university departments and centers having DRP for electronic resources must notify ITS of the location of those plans. A reference to those plans will be included in the ITS DRP.

For security reasons, the ITS DRP is not accessible via the Web. Please contact the Chief Information Officer for further information.