Donations to Non-Profit Organizations

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Policy Code: 
Approval Authority: 
Board of Trustees
Policy Type: 
University Policy
Policy Owner: 
Chancellor's Office
Responsible Office: 
General Counsel - 828.251.6821

Policy Statement

While many members of our university community, in their individual capacities, contribute and volunteer and devote substantial time and effort to multiple causes and organizations, throughout the region, the University of North Carolina at Asheville makes an annual contribution to United Way, and relies on that organization to prioritize the modest monetary contribution that the university is able to make. The Board of Trustees directs university officers to consider additional requests for financial support from the university, only for those initiatives that directly involve educational opportunities for current university students, and only as current university funds allow.

This 16th day of May, 2006.
Janice Brumit, Chair
Board of Trustees
University of North Carolina Asheville